Black Stutterers Matter

Black Stutterers Matter

Chris McLeod

Chris McLeod is the Founder and Owner of Black Mammoth Apparel, a brand that encourages individuals to break free from conformity. He launched the venture in 2017 while pursuing his career in marketing and advertising. Embracing opportunities as they arise, Chris ventured into the apparel industry when the chance presented itself, demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit and versatility in various professional roles.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Chris McLeod shares why he sought help for his stuttering disorder
  • How the pandemic affected the stuttering community
  • Why speech therapy only works when clients recognize they need support
  • The impact stuttering has on individuals’ career and mental health
  • Chris reflects on the transformative impact of speech therapy on his personal development
  • The benefits of discussing your speech impairment with loved ones
  • What is Black Mammoth Apparel and the inspiration behind Chris’ company?
  • Chris answers Jennifer Branchini’s rapid-fire questions

In this episode…

Stuttering can significantly affect an individual’s career and personal life. Professionally, it may hinder communication abilities, leading to challenges in job interviews, presentations, and interactions with colleagues or clients. This can result in decreased confidence, missed career opportunities, and heightened stress or anxiety in workplace settings.

Chris McLeod’s journey highlights the profound impact of speech therapy on personal growth. Through therapy, he conquered his impediment, regaining confidence and assurance. Chris reveals the pivotal moment when he realized the necessity of seeking professional assistance, emphasizing the significance of acknowledging one’s need for support to begin the journey toward improvement.

In this episode of EspecIallY “SpeciAl” SpeeCh?!, Jennifer Branchini and Ama Teasdel welcome Chris McLeod, Founder and Owner of Black Mammoth Apparel, to share his journey of overcoming stuttering. Chris opens up about his decision to seek professional help, the challenges his disorder posed to his career and well-being, and the importance of discussing disabilities with loved ones.

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