Unlocking Occupational Therapy With Kristen Masci

Unlocking Occupational Therapy With Kristen Masci

Kristen Masci

Kristen Masci is the Owner, CEO, and an Occupational Therapist at Skills on the Hill, a pediatric practice offering physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy in Capitol Hill.

Boasting nearly three decades of experience, she has steered Skills on the Hill for over 20 years.

Kristen graduated from Gettysburg College and earned her MS in occupational therapy from Shenandoah University.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Kristen Masci discusses her sister, who inspired her career in therapy
  • What is an occupational therapist and what conditions do they treat?
  • Kristen’s most rewarding moments working as an OT
  • Why Kristen started her OT practice
  • How can speech pathologists support occupational therapists?
  • Kristen explains perceptual motor skills
  • Methods for honing your spatial awareness

In this episode…

Occupational therapists play a crucial role in enhancing individuals’ overall well-being by addressing various conditions. As skilled professionals, they focus on promoting independence and improving daily functioning. Occupational therapy is a practice that many people are unfamiliar with, so what conditions do they treat?

OTs treat a diverse range of conditions, including physical disabilities, injuries, developmental delays, and mental health challenges. Kristen Masci, an experienced OT professional, reflects on rewarding moments in her career, emphasizing OT’s positive impact. Although the journey for most patients can be daunting, Kristen highlights the transformative power of OT and its ability to empower individuals, promote independence, and contribute to a fulfilling life.

Join Jennifer Branchini and Ama Teasdel on today’s episode of EspecIallY “SpeciAl” SpeeCh?!, where they welcome Kristen Masci, Owner and CEO of Skills on the Hill, to the show. Kristen shares the inspiration behind becoming an occupational therapist and starting a practice, defines what an occupational therapist is and the conditions they treat, and reflects on some of her most rewarding experiences working in the profession.

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