Do you have a speech issue you feel is holding you back in life?

Is a thick accent or a stutter making it difficult for you to express yourself?

Is your child a late talker?

Is your child having difficulty developing as a result of tongue thrust, difficulty reading, or autism-like symptoms?

Are you a transgender person whose voice doesn’t match your gender identity?

If so, District Speech can help.

District Speech is a speech therapy clinic serving Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and the surrounding area.

Founded in 2015, District Speech works with individuals of all ages with speech related issues.

From young children, to teenagers and adults, we have solutions for people in every stage of their life.

“It’s amazing,”

says District Speech founder Jennifer Branchini,

“how much of a difference a corrected speech concern can make in improving someone’s quality of life.”

About Clinic Founder Jennifer Branchini 

Jennifer Branchini is a clinically certified speech language pathologist, and the founder of District Speech.

After several years of working for other clinics and school districts, she realized there was a key component missing in the therapy community and struck out on her own.

Most speech therapy clinics only work with children, or only with adults,” says Jennifer. “Doing both helps my team to become better, stronger practitioners. Working with adults helps us work with kids, because we know the issues they’ll face in life and can anticipate them.

On the other hand, working with kids helps us better understand the root cause of an adult’s speech concerns.”

Jennifer holds a master’s degree in Communication Disorders from the University of Florida, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Miami.

What To Expect From District Speech 

When it comes to undergoing speech therapy, your first appointment will look a little different depending on who you are.

In both cases, our team of therapists will take the time to get to know and understand your unique concerns. But the biggest determining factor is whether you’re there for yourself or for your child.

Your First Adult Speech Therapy Appointment

If you’ve never been to a speech therapist clinic before, you might be unsure about what to expect during your session.

To start, you and your speech therapist will sit down together in our comfortable, relaxing clinic in downtown Washington DC. During that time, your speech therapist will ask questions to get a better understanding of your past health, current state, and future goals.

In particular, your speech therapist may ask you about:

  • Medical diagnoses that may affect your speech
  • Symptoms which may indicate a medical condition
  • Injuries or traumas
  • Other healthcare practitioners you’re seeing
  • Family history of speech disorders
  • Lifestyle habits which may affect your speech
  • History of speech correction attempts

The purpose behind all this questioning is to help your speech therapist understand where you’re starting from. Each person is different when it comes to speech therapy, so it’s important to build a treatment plan that’s tailored to your unique needs.

Once you and your therapist establish a baseline, the next step is to talk about your goals. Whether it’s accent reduction, transgender voice therapy, correcting a stutter, or something else altogether, it’s important to establish what you hope to get out of your treatment.

Then, your speech therapist will put together a treatment plan designed to help you address those concerns. This usually involves at-home exercises you can do, as well as an estimate on how many subsequent treatments you’ll need.

During follow-up appointments, your speech therapist will assess your progress, and pivot your goals as necessary. From there, you and your therapist will work together on implementing some of the techniques recommended to you, and work through any concerns you may have.

Your Child’s First Speech Therapy Appointment

Speech therapy for children is a little different than working with adults.

In general, it’s important to begin speech therapy for children as early as possible, in order to minimize any potential issues in the future. Your pediatrician may suggest you take a “wait and see” approach, suggesting they may grow out of it.

From our experience, the best course of action is the exact opposite of this.

Waiting too long to provide speech therapy treatment can lead to a need for other related services (e.g., occupational therapy, physical therapy) as the child develops. ALWAYS consult with a speech pathologist to determine if, in fact, your child’s speech and language is developing typically or not.

You may also be surprised to hear that speech therapy sessions for children are geared more toward adults than children. You’ll work with your child’s speech therapist directly. They’ll assess the issues your child is facing, as well as their health and family history, in order to get a better idea of what it is that’s affecting them.

From there, your speech therapist will work with your child to overcome any issues they may be facing. However, the real progress comes from the exercises and changes you practice at home with your child. By integrating these activities into your daily routine, you can help your child overcome what it is that’s holding them back.

Professional Qualifications 

In the United States, speech therapists are regulated by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).

District Speech only employs speech therapists who are registered members in good standing with ASHA.

Consult With One Of Our Specialists

Speech difficulties can be difficult to live with, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Contact District Speech to book an appointment today, and find out how you can start working through your speech issues.

In most cases, speech issues can be entirely reversed, or at least significantly improved, through speech therapy.

Improved speech can mean an easier time communicating, which can significantly improve your personal and professional life.

Don’t let your speech difficulty hold you back any longer. Book an appointment with District Speech today, and start enjoying true freedom of speech.

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