If you or your child is dealing with a speech issue, it can be an isolating and frustrating experience.

You may feel like nobody around you understands the issues you face. And in fact, you may be right.

That’s one of the reasons why here at District Speech, we organize a monthly meetup for people dealing with speech concerns. These meetups are no replacement for one on one speech therapy, but they do come with a number of benefits.

Each month, we choose a different local area – a park, a playground, or an indoor space during the cold months. You can meet others with similar struggles to you, chat about the different solutions you’ve explored, and ask any questions you may have about speech therapy.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of group speech therapy meetups.

Language Is Social By Nature

The reason we humans talk is because we want to convey the ideas in our head to someone else. We simply can’t experience the full range of what communication is on our own.

When learning a new language, it’s far more effective to actually speak with someone than it is to read about the finer grammatical details. The same is true with speech therapy.

But dealing with a speech issue can be an isolating experience as well. If you have a stutter , an accent you want to reduce , or another speech issue , it may feel embarrassing to speak when dealing with people who don’t have such struggles. It can help to be around others in a similar situation as you – this can pull away some of the shame you may experience, making it easier for you to do your exercises.

Relationship Building

One of the ways people can build closer relationships with each other is by sharing a similar struggle or going on a journey together.

Your speech therapy journey can be made more rewarding when you walk this path with others in your community with a similar struggle. In fact, some of the people who meet at our support groups end up building friendships with each other that last far beyond their speech therapy needs.


Speech therapy support groups are not as effective on their own as they are with individual sessions. However, if you’re on a limited budget, they can be a good stopgap measure.

The speech therapy support groups organized by District Speech are FREE, making them the best kind of cost-effective.

Children Can Learn From Others

If your child is early in their speech therapy journey, they may have difficulty relating to other kids their age. As a result, they may withdraw from other kids. Even worse, they may not even believe recovery is possible.

By seeing other children further along in their speech therapy journey, your child can get a much needed dose of hope.

And if your child is further along in their journey, working with other children at their level can help them continue to progress in a more effective way than they would on their own.

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