Sailfish, Seasickness, and SEOs

Sailfish, Seasickness, and SEOs

Corey Jason

Corey Jason is Co-founder and Web Marketing Strategist of Cloud Surfing Media, a leading digital marketing agency specializing in SEO and online marketing strategies. With a passion for helping businesses succeed in the digital landscape, Corey has dedicated himself to mastering the intricacies of SEO and leveraging them to drive results for his clients. He is committed to providing tailored solutions that help businesses increase their online visibility, attract more customers, and achieve their goals.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • What attracted Corey Jason to SEO
  • Corey reflects on his journey to starting Cloud Surfing Media
  • Who are Cloud Surfing’s target audiences?
  • Why speech therapists should invest in professional marketing and SEO specialists
  • How Google prioritizes one listing over another

In this episode…

In the increasingly competitive field of speech therapy, standing out is essential for attracting clients and growing a thriving practice. While word-of-mouth referrals and traditional marketing methods may have been sufficient in the past, the digital age presents new opportunities and challenges. Why is investing in SEO and marketing a crucial strategy?

SEO specialist Corey Jason urges speech therapists to prioritize SEO and marketing efforts for several reasons: enhanced online visibility, targeted reach, brand authority and trust, competitive edge, and increased client acquisition and retention. As more individuals seek healthcare services online, having a robust online presence becomes imperative. Implementing SEO causes websites and their content to rank higher in search engine results, facilitating easier discovery by potential clients. By harnessing these strategies, speech therapists can amplify their online visibility, attract a larger clientele, and foster practice growth in the digital age.

In this episode of Especially ‘Special’ Speech?!, hosts Jennifer Branchini and Ama Teasdel welcome Corey Jason, Co-founder and Web Marketing Strategist of Cloud Surfing Media, to delve into the advantages of SEO and marketing strategies. Corey shares insights on his journey into SEO, the inception of his company, the appeal of collaborating with healthcare professionals, and the intricacies of web rankings.

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