Frequently Asked Questions About Speech Teletherapy

Frequently Asked Questions About Speech Teletherapy | District Speech & Language Therapy | Washington D.C. & Arlington VA

Have you been wondering if your child could benefit from speech therapy?

Common signs include children who are not social, whose speech is hard to understand, or who have trouble forming sentences.

If you’re starting to worry, you may want to get a speech evaluation.

Luckily, getting evaluations and speech therapy has never been easier.

You may not even have to leave your own home if you decide to try speech teletherapy.

Speech teletherapy offers the benefits of in person speech therapy with the perks of staying in a familiar and safe environment.

Although we’re speech-language pathologists in Washington, we’re licensed to provide treatment in Virginia and Maryland as well.

However, it might not be convenient for you to make your way to our clinic if you live outside of DC.

That said, here at District Speech, we offer specialty treatments that are sometimes difficult to find outside of larger cities.

If you’re looking for transgender voice therapy in Lynchburg VA, for example, it may be more difficult for you to access – but we can still help you remotely.

Read on for some of the frequently asked questions about speech teletherapy:

What Is Speech Teletherapy?

Teletherapy is therapy that uses video conferencing as the delivery method.

Teletherapy, as compared to “in person” therapy, still involves meeting with a trained speech therapist.

You’ll receive the same dedicated care and attention you’d get by walking in to your appointment.

If you’ve had appointments with a speech therapist before, you’ll find that the experience is not much different when you switch to teletherapy.

You’ll be able to hear each other and work on the same techniques as in your usual speech therapy session.

What Do I Need To Access Speech Teletherapy?

To access speech teletherapy, you will only need a few things.

The most important is reliable access to a stable internet connection.

You’ll also need a computer with a webcam.

You’ll also need a headset with a microphone, though it doesn’t need to be a particularly fancy one.

The earbuds that came with your phone, in most cases, will work just fine.

Don’t worry if you’re nervous about technology: we’ll be there to walk you through set up so you get the hang of how to prepare for your teletherapy sessions.

Is Speech Teletherapy As Effective As In Person Speech Therapy?

Teletherapy can be as effective as in person speech therapy because you are still interacting face to face with your therapist.

There has been a natural progression toward video as a tool for many different practices, so it can feel quite natural to do your speech therapy virtually.

The only real difference between in person speech therapy and teletherapy is the delivery method.

That’s why we consider both “table top” therapy and teletherapy to be “in person.”

Either way, you’re making a face to face connection with your speech therapist while working on your goals.

The only difference can sometimes be with speech therapy for kids, as it can sometimes be more difficult to get them to sit still in front of a screen for a full speech therapy session.

This is especially true for speech therapy for children with ADHD or autism spectrum disorder.

However, every child is different, and your pediatric speech therapist will discuss whether or not you’d benefit more from table top speech therapy than speech teletherapy.

Do I Need To Be Present For My Child’s Speech Teletherapy Sessions?

It is important for at least one caregiver to be with your child during their speech teletherapy sessions.

This makes it easier for the child to practice new skills outside of their sessions and is vital for facilitating them.

With a caretaker you can all learn what will best help your child when you practice outside of teletherapy.

What Type Of Speech Disorders Can Be Treated With Speech Teletherapy?

Both expressive and receptive language disorders can be treated with speech teletherapy.

Language delays and speech delays are among the issues that can be worked on.

Speech delays refer to speech that is extant but hard to understand, while language delays might involve well differentiated vocabulary that your child struggles to weave together with other words.

Other treatments that can be effective via speech teletherapy include:

While research is still ongoing into the effectiveness of speech teletherapy, it seems to be as effective as table top speech therapy at treating most speech disorders.

What Is Speech Teletherapy | District Speech & Language Therapy | Washington D.C. & Arlington VA

How Often Do I Need Speech Teletherapy Treatments?

How frequently you participate in speech teletherapy will depend on your family’s needs.

Your speech pathologist will help you determine what will be best for you.

For example, if your child is younger, they might benefit from more frequent, shorter sessions.

Older children can participate in longer sessions, so they may not have to meet as frequently.

This is also true if you’re seeking speech therapy for adults, for yourself or a loved one.

Ultimately deciding how often you will need teletherapy treatments will be a decision both you and your speech therapist will come to.

How Young Is Too Young For Speech Teletherapy?

There isn’t really a “too young” for speech teletherapy if you’re concerned about your child’s speech development.

Speech pathologists will work with toddlers if they are not meeting expected milestones.

For example, parents and caregivers should understand about 50 percent of a child’s speech by the time they’re two years old.

Sessions with younger toddlers will focus on caregiver education so that you can focus on modeling and practicing with your child.

Speech therapy early intervention tends to be more effective than waiting until later, and that’s true of speech teletherapy as well.

How Can I Tell If Speech Teletherapy Is Best For Me Or My Child?

Speech teletherapy has many benefits that may make it the right fit for you and your family.

Flexibility and efficiency will be easier when you don’t have to commute to a location for your sessions.

This means reduced wait times and increased timeliness.

You’ll be practicing in a safe and familiar environment, which can be less intimidating.

Teletherapy is also a wonderful option if you’re in a remote area that doesn’t have easy accessibility.

Can You Do Speech Teletherapy Evaluations?

Yes, there are standardized tests that can be utilized so that speech evaluations can be done virtually.

With a combination of tests, information from caregivers and teachers, and other techniques, evaluations can be done via teletherapy.

Optimal plans for your family can be worked out with your speech pathologist during these evaluations.

Along with your evaluation you will receive guidance and education so you can start working with your child at home.

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