Exploring the Benefits of Physical Therapy With Jesse Lewis

Exploring the Benefits of Physical Therapy With Jesse Lewis

Jesse Lewis

Dr. Jesse Lewis is the Founder and Owner of District Performance & Physio, a physical therapy practice in Washington, D.C. for those recovering from injury or pain. He’s a physical therapist and coach who believes that movement and exercise are essential activities for remaining active and healthy. In conjunction with exercise, manual therapy, and dry needling, Dr. Lewis develops plans with a rehabilitation and performance approach. Dr. Lewis earned his DPT from Ithaca College and possesses numerous advanced certifications in physical therapy and strength and training.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Dr. Jesse Lewis’s inspiration for starting District Performance & Physio
  • What attracted Jesse to a career in physical therapy?
  • Dr. Lewis shares alternatives for starting a physical therapy business and his growth strategies
  • The unique conditions that physical therapists treat
  • Dr. Lewis explains why District Performance & Physio prefers private pay

In this episode…

Physical therapy focuses on helping individuals improve their physical abilities and functions. However, many people may be surprised by some of the unique medical conditions PT professionals treat. Who all can benefit from PT?

Dr. Jesse Lewis was drawn to the field by the opportunity to help others heal and recover. He discusses the various ways that physical therapists can help people, from treating orthopedic issues to neurological rehabilitation. Dr. Lewis also discusses some of the alternative options available to aspiring physical therapy business owners, such as sharing space with a doctor, therapist, or gym owner. Lastly, Dr. Lewis highlights the low overhead costs associated with this type of arrangement and why it’s often beneficial for his clients to schedule appointments without dealing with the inconvenience of going through an insurance provider.

On today’s episode of EspecIallY “SpeciAl” SpeeCh?!, Jennifer Branchini and Ama Teasdel welcome Dr. Jesse Lewis, Founder and Owner of District Performance & Physio, to the show. Dr. Lewis talks about his inspiration for starting his company and what attracted him to a career in physical therapy, shares lower-cost alternatives for starting a PT business, the unique conditions physical therapists treat, and why his company prefers private pay.

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