Bridging Communication Gaps Through Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologists With Michelle Posner

Bridging Communication Gaps Through Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologists With Michelle Posner

Michelle Posner

Michelle Posner is the Founder of Bilingual SLP and has over 15 years of experience empowering speech-language pathologists to provide effective therapy to bilingual clients. Her diverse background includes roles in private practice clinics, outpatient departments, and school-based programs. Michelle served as an outpatient SLP at All Children’s Hospital in Brandon, Fla., and later as a school-based SLP at Mill Creek Elementary in Osceola, Fla. Since 2011, she has been employed by DC Public Schools at the Early Stages Center, specializing in testing and placing children aged 6 months to 5 years in special education services. Michelle has also contributed to Strong Start, DC’s Early Intervention program, conducting assessments and providing therapy using the coaching model.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Michelle Posner reflects on migrating from Mexico to the US as a child
  • Overcoming language barriers during Michelle’s early academic years
  • The inspiration behind Bilingual SLP
  • Why Michelle prefers visual aids versus actions in articulation therapy
  • Michelle’s key insights from her experience as a speech therapist
  • Using SEO to level up your business

In this episode…

Overcoming language barriers is a formidable challenge for ESL students during their formative academic years. What can educators and language specialists do to help bridge the communication gap?

Speech therapist Michelle Posner draws from her own experiences to understand the unique needs of bilingual individuals. She emphasizes the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity in effective communication through bilingual speech-language pathology. One distinguishing feature of Michelle’s approach is her preference for visual aids over actions in articulation therapy. As the demand for bilingual speech-language pathologists rises, Michelle’s innovative approach is a beacon of hope for individuals seeking comprehensive and inclusive speech therapy services.

In this episode of Especially Speech?!, hosts Jennifer Branchini and Ama Teasdel welcome Michelle Posner, Founder of Bilingual SLP, to examine the challenges ESL students face due to language barriers. Michelle shares her personal journey as an ESL student, the inspiration behind founding her business, and valuable insights gained from her extensive experience as a speech therapist.

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