A Fun Way to Target “Following Directions”- With Help From Our Friends At The Speech Page!

A Fun Way to Target “Following Directions”- With Help From Our Friends At The Speech Page! | District Speech & Language Therapy | Speech Therapists in Washington DC

This week we’re taking a short break from our “Favorite Apps Series” to share some exciting news . . . one of our favorite speech therapy companies, The Speech Page, was gracious enough to send us one of their most recent products to try out with our clients – The Follow Functional Multi-Step Board.

Now, like we mentioned, The Speech Page is one of our favorite companies in the speech therapy universe. This is not our first time using their tools and we have used a bunch of their materials since discovering the company at an ASHA conference in 2014. What initially was so attractive about most of their products was how functional and applicable they were . . . and . . . BONUS, they were SO inexpensive!

At the time, we only purchased articulation materials, so we were thrilled to get this new “following directions” board to try out with our kiddos.

The Rundown

In a nutshell, it’s four, laminated picture scenes with small detachable pictures at the bottom of each page. The pictures are related to the scene and come in different colors, sizes, shapes, singular vs. plural, etc.

Why is that helpful? Well, this design allows you to modify the directions to be simple to more complex.

  • For example, the Board can be used to practice basic directions, such as, “put the shirt in the yellow box,” or challenge the user with more complex ones: “Get the red shirt with polka dots and put it on the blue, bottom shelf.”


  • If you’re tired that day and you can’t think of any directions, you can just turn the sheet over and it has a list of directions you can use!

We have used this with a bunch of our kids because many of them have “following direction” goals. They all LOVE the colorful picture scenes! After I give them a bunch of directions to follow, I allow them to be creative and make a fun or silly picture using the small detachable pictures.

Finally, although this is meant for “following directions,” it can be used to target basic concepts (e.g., size, color) and articulation.

  • For example, I have the students make up a direction for me to follow and when they say the direction they need to use their target speech sound appropriately.

The Follow Functional Multi-Step Board | District Speech & Language Therapy | Speech Therapists in Washington DC

The Review

The Follow Functional Multi-Step Board is an easy to use material that saves you a-lot of time and thought. Plus, you really get a lot of bang for your buck!

*   *   *

Join us next week as we catch up with our Favorite Speech and Language Apps Series and find out what exciting apps could make a difference for your child or client!

Special thanks this week to The Speech Page for offering their materials to test and review on this blog.

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