Anna Carr

Clinically Certified Speech-language Pathologist

Anna Carr, MSP, CCC-SLP, earned her Masters of Speech Language Pathology from The University of South Carolina in Columbus in 2010.

She has wide range of experience in a variety of settings from pediatrics to geriatrics.

Anna’s career has taken her into both inpatient and outpatient hospital settings, private practices, schools, and within the child find program.

She has also supervised several graduate students in their studies within the field.

She is certified in PECS – the Picture Exchange Communication System developed to help autistic folks with little or no verbal skills to still communicate through pictures. She also has a certification in the It Takes Two To Talk program, which was developed by The Hanen Centre as a way for parents to better support children with language delays.

Anna enjoys collaborating with other professionals and parents in order to ensure success for all the patients on her caseload.