Games & Toys to Promote Language and Articulation: Bubbles

Games & Toys to Promote Language and Articulation: Bubbles | District Speech & Language Therapy | Speech Therapists in Washington DC

Christmas is fast approaching and many of you are doing last minute gift buying. Have kiddos you need to buy for? Not to worry…District Speech and Language is here to help you with that holiday shopping list. We’re continuing our countdown of great, fun, engaging toys and games to promote both speech and language!

This week: Bubbles

As speech language pathologists who have worked with children for many years, there is one toy that, without fail, will always excite/engage a child…BUBBLES!  I don’t know what magical powers these are made with, but all the kids we work with, no matter what age, love bubbles.

Today, instead of showcasing basic bubbles, which are fun and just as effective, we decided to share some examples of new and interesting takes on this classic toy:

Bubble Gun Transparent Shooter

Fisher Price Bubble Mower

Saxophone Bubble Blower


Whether at home, at school, or in the clinic here’s how you can use these fun toys to promote speech and language:

We often use bubbles with our early intervention kids (birth to 3). When you are playing with your little one, take out the bubbles and blow (or shoot) depending on the bubble toy you have. When you see the child is interested/engaged, encourage them to say a word (e.g., more, bubbles, blow, pop, open, again, out) before you blow again.

If targeting articulation, you can have the child takes turns with bubbles while practicing speech sound productions.

If you live in the D.C. area and have concerns about your child’s language or articulation and would like to seek additional help beyond what your school based speech pathologist may be able to provide, visit our speech and language therapy services page for more information on our assessment and speech therapy services for kids of all ages.

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